Brazil vs Belgium (World Cup 1/4 Final Preview)

Friday @ 7pm: Brazil vs Belgium


Story of the Tie

Brazil have been very solid throughout the competition.  The hidden secret to that success has actually been there defence.  They have conceded only 1 goal all tournament.  This is complimented by the wonderful attacking talents at their disposal.

Belgium have conceded 4 but also scored the ludicrous total of 12.  It’s still hard to know just how good they are.  This is the first real test they’ll have come up against.


What’s been said

“He is an intelligent player in his movements and on how to defend himself from being tackled.  I don’t think referees have been protecting him enough.  When people repeatedly hit me, I would feel a sense of unfairness.  Criticism is nonsense. TV shows and newspapers just want to fill the space.” – The Original Ronaldo on criticism of Neymar

“He has the confidence of everyone around here.  I hear people criticise him for not scoring but the work he does in marking and recovering the ball is brilliant. We trust him to continue with us. Gabriel Jesus and Roberto Firmino are equally important.” – Brazilian Attacker Willian on the calls for Gabriel Jesus to be dropped in favour of Firmino

“The fact that the game against Brazil is defining for our generation is for sure, though. It’s not like we’ve been failing up to now but there is a level above, which we need to achieve, which can be done by a game like the one we are playing against Brazil.” – Belgian Defender Vincent Kompany



A good game with both sides going for it.  Brazil’s strong defence to be the difference.  2-1 to Brazil.